Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the start of something beautiful

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brittany! I'm not technically a "wife" yet, but I'm hoping to be one someday soon! My boyfriend Stu and I are learning more about each other as I am on an extended visit while he is stationed in Altus, Oklahoma. It's a little bit difficult to explain our situation, but we are treasuring our time together and soaking up every precious and shared moment that we can. 

We started off as friends (for about a year) and over time our friendship blossomed into something much stronger. Stu is a officer in the United States Air Force, and was stationed in Texas when we first met. We traveled back and forth to visit one another and did our best to maintain our long distance relationship. The miles between us soon increased and he was deployed over seas.  That disconnection period shook our relationship and put our romance on hold for a while, but when he returned to the states, we rekindled the spark and reunited.  We were still miles and miles apart. I traveled to Mississippi to see him. We traveled to Washington to visit his   family. He traveled to Arizona to see me and my family…

…and finally we decided to just be together.

His next training assignment brought him to Altus, Oklahoma and he invited me along for the ride! :) So I took a leap of faith in our feelings and commitment to one another and with a leave of absence from my job, said goodbye to all my friends and family.  Stu came out to Arizona and we  packed up some of my stuff and drove to Oklahoma! 

While in Oklahoma I've had a lot of time on my hands. So I've started perfecting my cooking skills :). I've also been doing some crafts and scrap-booking during my free time. I will be posting some of my delicious dishes, cute crafts, and, of course, crazy/hilarious stories of daily life. 



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