Thursday, February 17, 2011

hello =) my name is joanna! i am a married woman who is in the middle of NOWHERE but loving life and its challenges as they come. i enjoy scrapbooking my memories and crafting things that sometimes don't make sense! being married to a marine has its tough times but at the end of the day, having my family and husband who loves me is all worth it! 
life happens way too fast and if you don't pay attention you'll miss the best parts! brittany and jen have been a part of my life since before i can remember, and life without them, is just miserable! they are beautiful through and through and i enjoy different things about both of them...brittany is the wild side i never had! ha ha she is a fiery red head and definitely spices up my life ;) she challenges me in ways that i never knew existed and truly loves me for me! jen, what an amazing woman! you have grown so much over the past two years and i am so proud of you. you are a beautiful friend, an amazing wife and an adoring mother <3 to be able to experience this chapter of life is something that i am truly blessed to be a part of! you have taught me so much, more than you'll probably know. you're there for me, support me and just love on me WHENEVER i need it...you both are such a huge addition to my life and words can not even begin to express how much love i have for you!

i am excited to begin these next chapters of life and see where they take us! i love you so much!!!!

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