Saturday, April 9, 2011

Easy Spring-y Pineapple Cake

This is the easiest cake I have ever made! Seriously. It took 3 ingredients and about fifteen minutes!! I got this recipe from my mom and she got it from a magazine, we can't find it anywhere though! Its light and perfect for when your grandparents are coming for dinner! ;)

Angel Food Cake
1 20oz. can of Crushed Pineapple
1 1/2 cups of Cool Whip
1 3.4oz Vanilla Instant pudding (Jello)
Cut your angel food cake in three sections. So you can fill them with the pineapple mixture.

Mix can of crushed pineapple with package of vanilla jello. Once that's mixed in, fold in the cool whip.

Start with your bottom layer and start to evenly put on mixture, do this with both layers. With the rest, put it on top. Place in the fridge to cool for an hour or so and ENJOY!


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