Saturday, March 12, 2011

for those we love

my mother and grandmother share the same birthday, march 3, 1943 and 1963. these women have been such a blessing and a gift to me...

~through the laughter and the tears, the lessons and the teachings, the arguments and the agreeing, my mother has never left my side. we don't always understand each other, in fact a lot ;), but differences are just ways to learn about the amazing characteristics that each person is built with!~ 

~my grandmother is nothing short of amazing! the woman has more spunk and energy than i do at times! her pure heart and funny comments really keep me on my toes...she's been there to rock me to sleep as a child and she has always been here to listen to me as an adult. what more could anyone want?~

i decided to make these wonderful women their own personal birthday cards and i had a blast doing it! being the first time i've ventured out of the "scrap-booking realm" i felt that these turned out to be a real treat...

~Mom's Card~

~Grama's Card~

although it's a little past due, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mom and Grama!!! You two are beautiful women inside and out and i am truly blessed to have such enriching individuals in my life <3


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